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The White Bean Times - Volume #1 - 1/22/18
This was Johnny's very first Newsletter. You will read why it's called The White Bean, and you'll get the Recipe of the Month for Grandma Sansone's: Zuppa di Fagioli e Scarrola. Johnny tells the story behind his song, Sang with the Gypsies, and you'll see a little glimpse of Johnny's guest appearance on NCIS-New Orleans TV show.
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It's not often that I'm given an opportunity, such as this, to witness history and culture meeting, in what's believed to be the world's oldest unaltered rural Jazz hall. To be on the same stage where young Louis Armstrong was said to have started, and to play beside Big Chief Monk Boudreaux and Papa Mali, brought together an incredibly moving experience ... and luckily it was caught on video. Enjoy! JS

Noteworthy performance:

The Dew Drop Jazz Hall, Mandeville, Louisiana

The White Bean Times - Volume #2 - April 2018


Johnny's first recording in 3 years is finally here. HOPELAND is available for purchase on his website, and all other download sources. Read all about it here.

You'll hear the story about Johnny's song, OZ RADIO, and get a recipe for a succulent Catfish Court Bouillion. 

The White Bean Times - Volume #3 - May 2018


Jazz Fest 2018 recap, with a Thunderbird video. Read the story behind Johnny's song THE NIGHT THE PIE FACTORY BURNED DOWN, and get a recipe for RISOTTO-LAYA.

The White Bean Times - Volume #4 - October 2018


See a scrapbook of memories from Johnny's very busy Summer. Read a fascinating account of how Johnny's Song: GIVE ME A DOLLAR made groundbreaking history with Cuban musicians. You'll find a recipe for Johnny's succulent and flavorful SOLDIER'S BOOTS TURKEY BURGERS, and you'll read a loving tribute to Johnny's dear friend, Lazy Lester.